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On Location Recording Rates

Recording Rates, Monday to Friday

Our regular audio and video recording rates are

$95 per hour for audio, video $135 per hour on week days for a single or double act and includes the services of one of our expert audio engineers and camera persons. For bands, an additional setup fee of $45 is payable. This rate includes use of equipment such as digital recorders, mixers, laptop computers and HD digital cameras. Final mastering at a fee of $110 per hour includes a finished CD/DVD per session.

Props, extras and special effects could incur extra charges.

Rates at weekends for location recording and mixing start from $100 per hour for audio and $155 for video. 

Studio Recording and Mixing Package Rates

At Lortron Entertainment, we strive to offer first grade quality recordings as well as any pre production and compositional advice needed for all kinds of artists, whether they be a band or solo musician. Our producer, Alexis Sellies, is a young up-and-coming Australian recording engineer/producer/composer who is highly skilled at all stages of any recording process. Skilled in writing and recording all instruments, as well as being a proficient player in Guitar, Flute, Piano, Saxophone and Vocal training, Alexis can provide full assistance to any artist who wishes to invest in our audio recording services. All recordings take place at Soundworks Studios in Marrickville at their in house studio, which includes the latest Pro Tools Software, a diverse range of guitar/bass amps, mics, drum kits, a control room attached to a live room for live recordings.


Full day booking (8am-6pm)

Control room only - $450 (recommended for vocal recordings only) With live room - $800 (recommended for live recordings and instrument tracking)

This includes full services undertaken by Alexis through the day, as well as post production

Alternatively, you may not need a whole day to track your production, which is why we also offer an hourly rate.

Control room only - $50

With live room - $85

Video Editing and Post production

Rates for editing.

Our regular rate is $110 per hour.

i.e. A fully produced Professional DVD will be charged at approximately $3000

Special effects could incur extra charges.

Elements of video production include (1) Pre-Production, (2) Production, and (3) Post Production. All video productions are organized this way to ensure that the process is a seamless one, and the final-result is as envisioned. Pre-production is the planning stage of your shoot, and occurs before the camera starts rolling. By creating storyboards, scouting locations, and figuring out the budget ahead of time, the goal is for your production to be free of unnecessary worry. Production is the shooting stage of your shoot, which includes cinematography, audio, lights, as well as directing, art and effects. Post production begins when your camera stops rolling. All footage is then logged and captured, organized, and then edited. But Post Production does not stop here. Effects and transitions are designed, music is added, and color compositions are made.

Data Archiving

What happens to the data when the project is mixed recorded and mastered? At Lortron Studios we use the best equipment available to store your valuable data. However we all know that archiving in the digital age is not without its pitfalls. Discs become corrupted, operating systems fail. All of us involved with computers have been on the receiving end of these kinds of problems at one time or another. If you are coming to work at Lortron Studios on a major project (album, ep or just a single) we recommend that you bring your own hard drive, and backup regularly. That way if disaster strikes, your files will be safe. We will do everything we can to keep your files in perfect working order, but in the end your files are your responsibility


When a project is finished many people are happy to take the results of the mix, and the finally mastered files, and to trash the session files. Others, because of potential remixes, or simply for sentimental value wish to take the session files with them. During the mixing process files are often cut up leaving only very small sections of data. If you are confronted with thousands of sound files it will take a long time to make any sense of them.

So at the end of a project it is common to merge or consolidate each instrumental and vocal file into a file that if you start it a zero, will play the music in the correct place. Essential if you plan to have re mixes done.

Our rate for this service is $55/hour

Time and Space

Hard drive space is at a premium in a busy recording studio like Lortron. In some larger studios rental is charged for hard drive space.  At Lortron there is no such cost for the customer. However we are not in a position to act as a storage facility for each and every project we do. We will keep your files in our system for three working weeks after your final session. After that period, if we have not heard from you, we reserve the right to erase your files from our system. If for some reason you need to stop recording mid project, please try to let us know what you intend doing, and what you want to do with your files.  Your files are your responsibility.

Please contact Lortron regarding future planned projects and pricing

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