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Artist Radio Release Form

In order to get your music played on the Lortron.com website, please copy the information below and email it to us at media@lortron.com

To sumbit music, you can either link to hi-rez mp3 (or AAC) files, upload here or mail your CD to:

Lortron Media & Entertainment

Lortron Music Release Form >> Download


I, _______________________________________

(COPYWRIGHT OWNER/PERFORMER/COMPOSER), who composed, own or have the right to perform the copyright(s) music track(s) and/or albums described:





I the COPYWRIGHT OWNER/PERFORMER/COMPOSER agree to allow Lortron Media & Entertainment to record and or play my music/audio files on any of the audio/video podcasts/playlists/websites created by Lortron Media & Entertainment or on YouTube & Vimeo websites,

I, the COPYWRIGHT OWNER/PERFORMER/COMPOSER, own the sole and legal copyright to the described work or have the legal right to perform said works, and hereby agree to the use of these works in the promotion of said works in podcasts, websites for the purposes of promoting the music and encouraging viewers/listeners to purchase the tracks from the iTunes Music Store/Amazon or the artists website whenever possible.


I agree with the artist terms as indicated at:


I am 18 years or over. 



Name of Band/Artist/Act:

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Website URL:

Lortron Media & Entertainment. LME Prodcutions

Email: mailto:media@lortron.com

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